Of places, perfumes and memories | NicoJournal | Nicobar Design Studio

There’s nothing quite like a fragrance to transport you to another time, a far away memory. Wherever I am in the world, the scent of jasmine at night immediately sends me back to summer nights spent camped out under the stars as a child, or the scent of moist oak and pine—a sharp reminder of another time where winter mornings were crisp and wet with dew and mingled with the scent of the woods. To think that a fragrance can situate you elsewhere entirely is really quite extraordinary and capturing these dream-like memories in bottles of perfume is Bombay Perfumery. Based out of Mumbai and spearheaded by perfumer Manan Gandhi, Bombay Perfumery is one of the country's first luxury fragrance houses. With India at the core of everything that they do, the scents are inspired by travels around the world, indigenous ingredients, and vivid memories. While Bombay Perfumery is only a few years old, having launched two years ago, Gandhi’s family has always been in the business of supplying fragrances to perfumers around the world—with his growing years spent marveling at precious little bottles of essential oils and traveling with his father to exotic locations to discover and source ingredients and essential oils from farmers. Here we caught up with Manan to talk about his love for perfumery, why a homegrown fragrance able has been a long time coming, and what it takes to capture precious memories and places in a bottle.

A lot like love | NicoJournal | Nicobar Design Studio

Jessica Jayne moved to the mountains for love. Three years on, she’s brought a whole lot of it back for the rest of us with her steadily growing and immensely popular beauty label, Pahadi Local. Her story is one of chance discoveries and serendipitous encounters. A driven entrepreneur, Jessica started her merchandising business when she was all of 23. As a self-confessed type-A personality, sitting still was not one of her strong suits so when she found herself in Simla, 45 minutes away from t

Monday Morning Blooms | NicoJournal | Nicobar Design Studio

Karan Singh wakes up at the crack of dawn every other day and heads to New Delhi’s only flower bazaar to get the freshest buds and blooms. These then make their way into wild and beautiful bouquets, ready to ship to whichever corner of the city they’re going to brighten. He then walks up to the terrace garden above his apartment, which in reality is more rooftop forest than anything else, pokes around in the mud and heads on out to tend to all the other terrace gardens he’s helped his clients cr

Superfood for the skin

Your grandmother knew what she was talking about. Natural ingredients are the best cure-all and no one champions this better than Rikita Kapadia, founder of Cocovít, a beauty and skincare brand based out of the US. Born to Gujarati parents, Kapadia was raised in America, but had the good fortune of spending her summers here in India. It’s these visits that kept her close to her heritage and to her grandmother who passed down a wealth of beauty secrets to Kapadia’s mother and then ultimately to her.

Sitting pretty

Anand started out as an oil freight trader in Singapore. For nine years she enjoyed the security of a financially rewarding full-time career. But while everything was great on paper, things didn’t add up quite as logically in her head. She knew she wanted to do something different but she wasn’t quite sure what, and with that vague thought and a gnawing sense that she wanted ‘to do something creative’ she left her career behind and moved back to India with all her savings and not much else.

The Alessandro Effect

In just 12 short months Michele has resurected a cooling brand and enthused it with an energy and bold vision it desperately needed. Rewriting the rules, he’s given free reign to hist cast of rebelliously ambiguous misfits to make up new rules as they go along. An excellent direction to steer a brand into, because that is where the world is heading to or at least we all should well be on our way to our own revival, rewriting our own histories and changing up the dictates of what we are so used to being served about what it means to be a man, be a woman, be beautiful.
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